Richard Belcher


2015 to Present                       Knight Transportation                                                                        Phoenix, AZ

iSeries Developer

Programming utilizing the iSeries programming in RPG Free, RPG400, DDS, CLLE, SDA, SQL.  Modifying existing software in Innovative Computing Corporation software trucking software, creating new enhancements for in-house developed software and creating SQL searches using Help Systems Sequel. Usage of Aldon for SDLC.

2004 to 2015                         American Reliable Insurance                                                    Scottsdale, AZ

Lead Software Engineer

Programming utilizing the iSeries programming in RPG Free, RPG ILE, RPGIV, DDS, CLLE, SDA, SQL, OCL, SFGR and RPGII. Reading and writing XML documents to populate tables. Programs written to access web services to validate data. Modifying programs for the rating of customer’s policies, and documenting processes in Microsoft Word. Extract underwriting rates from Microsoft Excel. Lotus Notes for email and calendar scheduling. Train other developers of existing applications and interfaces. Administrate Turnover SDLC.

2004                                         Accent Careers                                                                         Phoenix, AZ

Consulting Programming

Programming for a Scottsdale based insurance company utilizing the AS/400 programming in OCL, CL, SFGR, SDA, System/36 RPG, RPG IV and RPG ILE modifying programs for the rating of customer’s policies.

2003                                         Consulting                                                                                 Phoenix, AZ

Consulting Programming

Connecting to customer locations using Client Express and programming in SDA, CLP, RPG and RPG ILE, designing screens using DDS and SDA.  Modifying programs and creating new applications at the customer’s request for systems.  Analyzing production problems on the AS/400 as well as system operations.

2001 to 2002                             Hensley and Company                                                               Phoenix, AZ

Programmer Analyst

Maintain and design new applications for company’s JBA drinks and beverages software.  Programming of Accounts Receivable and General Ledger applications.  Design interface applications using Norand Mobile Systems Division, Sales Delivery & Merchandising, and ACH banking software.  Install and maintain Help/Systems Robot/PAGER.  Programming in RPG/400 and RPG ILE.

2001 to 2003                             Transportation Technology Group                                                Phoenix, AZ

Programmer Analyst/Consultant

Maintain and design company LTL400 software for trucking transportation with a customer base of 30 companies from home location using the Internet via Client Express while programming in RPG/400 and RPG ILE.  Interfacing other software packages into LTL400 including Comdata fueling software. 

1995 to 2001                             WestEx, Incorporated/Saia Motor Freight                                     Phoenix, AZ

Senior Systems Analyst

Maintenance and new system design in LTL400 transportation software in RPG/400 and RPG ILE.  LTL400 software included Billing, Accounts Receivable, General Ledger, Rating, Account Payables, and Dispatching.  System security and software upgrades on the AS/400 I-series. Communications setup using TCP/IP and SNA over a major network.  Maintain Cornerstone Communications FAX401 Fax server for customer reporting.  Maintain software packages from HelpSystems including Robot/CONSOLE, Robot/REPORTS, Robot/CLIENT, Robot/PAGER and Autotune.  Emulation using Client Express and Rumba configuration.  Apply PTF’s and system updates as needed.  System configuration of equipment and communications.  EDI programming interfacing files with Trustedlink EDI software. Configuration and setup of backups using company software as well as BRMS.  Established company website using HTML programming.  Helped in setting up Windows/NT LAN environment.  Problem analysis of programs and training users on software usage.

1993 to 1995                             USF Bestway Transportation                                                       Phoenix, AZ


Maintenance programming with new systems design and implementation for LTL400 software.  Automation of rating process using multiple rate bases.  System security and system software upgrades to AS/400.  Assist in PC installation and software.

1991 to 1993                             Mitchell Sweet & Associates                                                      Tempe, AZ


Conversion and enhancement of System/36 applications for Vocational Training Schools to AS/400 native environment from RPG II to RPG/400 native environment. Modifications of System/36 software for continued support. Established communications with clients for support of software.  Programming included database design using case tool SYNON.

1990 to 1991                             DST Inc.                                                                                    Irvine, CA


Applications programming and design on the AS400 and the Systern/36 for automotive distributing services. Communications to link the company with clients for software distribution and support.  Programming in RPG II and RPG/400, CL, Screen Design and Database. Conversion from client’s current computer equipment to AS/400 or System/36 mid-range computers.

1989 to 1990                             ACB Companies                                                                        Phoenix, AZ


Application design of collection reporting system in RPG/400 on the AS/400. System configuration to link network of AS/400’s and 4381 using Passthru, Object Distribution, and 3270 Emulation. Programming included using case tool Lansa.

1980 to 1989                             Shedds Food Products/Unilever Bestfoods                                   Southfield MI

Database Admin 1 yr, Senior Programmer/Analyst 4 yrs, Programmer 3 yrs

Implemented software support for operations and initiation of communications network linking System/36’s and AS400 to 9 manufacturing locations in the U.S. with a host IBM 3090. Programming in RPG II and COBOL on the IBM midrange systems, while programming in COBOL on the 3090 using CICS, TSO/PANVELET, and TOTAL database. Applications software design and implementation in Accounts Receivable, Accounts Payable, and Trip Costing Analysis in manufacturing. Hardware conversions and upgrades on IBM System/32’s, System/34’s, System/36’s and AS400’s.

1978 to 1980                             Paragon Steel Corporation                                                             Detroit, MI

Computer Operator/Programmer

Order entry and billing for customer on specialized steel producer.  Performed keypunching and daily processing of jobs. Programming in RPG II on System/32 and System/34.

1975 to 1978                             School District of Pontiac                                                             Pontiac, MI

Computer Operator/Programmer

Operate various unit record equipment.  Prepare registration, grading, and attendance files for 30 elementary, 6 junior, and 2 senior high schools.  Prepare and run reporting programs for School District employees as well as Payroll.  Programming in RPG II on System 3 Model 10.


Additional Knowledge

Knowledge of System/34, System/36.  Query, Windows 10, Windows 7, Windows XP, Windows NT, Windows 98, Windows 95 and Microsoft Office., System configuration, communications configuration, and system performance with all computers described.


Phoenix College - Certificate in Computer Systems

College Courses

Microsoft Visual Basic, Microsoft Access, Networking, Unix Level 1, RPG II Programming, C# .NET,Internet and Web Development, Basic Programming, Systems Analysis and Systems Communications, Personal Computer Basics, Computer Concepts, English, Accounting.

IBM, CompUSA, Execu-Train, Harbinger

SEU, SDA, TCP/IP Networking, RPG Workstation Design, AS400 Networking, CL Programming, AS/400 Tuning and Performance, HTML Programming, Microsoft Word Advanced, EDI mapping



Available Upon Request.

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